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The Essential Facial

The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare and beautiful skin for life. After which, your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you.

  • Treatment Time: 1 hour £37.00

The High Diffusion Hydrating Professional Treatment

This treatment bathes the skin with extreme hydrating properties. The skin is visibly plumped full of vitality, suppleness and comfort is regained and dehydration lines are immediately erased, whilst the vital functions of a healthy skin are re-ignited.

  • Treatment Time: 1 hour £48.00

The Regenerating Professional Peeling Treatment

This treatment offers the most visible transformation you can obtain with aesthetic treatments. It will erase dead cells and re-launch cell renewal. The global effect on cellular and tissular regeneration brings you immediate and long term effectiveness. Beautiful and young looking skin from 20 – 80 years. Suitable for all skin types except sensitive.

  • Treatment time: 1 hour £56.00

The Radiance Renewing Professional Treatment

For smooth, plump, radiant, glowing skin- combining 20% pure vitamin C and 100% collagen. This treatment gives instant results and long term anti-ageing efficacy.

  • Recommended course of 3 Treatments.
  • Treatment Time: 1 hour  £57.00
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